Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Investigation

We specialise in providing expert support and guidance for individuals and businesses facing CIS investigations conducted by HMRC.


Welcome to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Investigation page at Everest and Co Accountants. We specialise in providing expert support and guidance for individuals and businesses facing CIS investigations conducted by HMRC. Explore how we can assist you in navigating the complexities of CIS investigations effectively.

What is CIS Investigation and Different Types of CIS Investigation by HMRC

A CIS investigation by HMRC involves a detailed review of an individual or business's compliance with the Construction Industry Scheme regulations. HMRC conducts various types of CIS investigations, including:

  • Random CIS Investigations: HMRC may randomly select contractors or subcontractors for CIS investigations to assess overall compliance without specific suspicions.
  • Targeted Compliance Checks: These checks focus on specific aspects of CIS compliance, such as subcontractor verification processes or payment documentation.
  • Fraudulent Scheme Investigations: HMRC investigates suspected cases of CIS fraud, including issues like false invoices, non-payment of tax, and misuse of the scheme.

How Serious is it

A Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) investigation by HMRC is a significant matter that demands careful attention and prompt action. The seriousness of a CIS investigation stems from the potential repercussions and consequences that individuals and businesses may face. Here are some key points to consider regarding the seriousness of a CIS investigation:

  • Financial Penalties: Non-compliance with CIS regulations can result in substantial financial penalties imposed by HMRC. These penalties can vary based on the severity of the compliance breaches and may significantly impact the financial health of the company or individual involved.
  • Fines and Tax Liabilities: In addition to penalties, individuals or businesses found to have breached CIS regulations may incur fines and additional tax liabilities. These financial obligations can add up quickly, leading to financial strain and potential long-term consequences.
  • Legal Action: Serious cases of CIS non-compliance, such as fraudulent activities or deliberate evasion, may result in HMRC taking legal action against the parties involved. Legal proceedings can have far-reaching implications and could result in criminal charges in severe cases.
  • Reputational Damage: Facing a CIS investigation can also lead to reputational harm for individuals and businesses. Negative publicity, loss of trust from clients or stakeholders, and damage to business relationships are all potential consequences of being under investigation.

Understanding the seriousness of a CIS investigation underscores the importance of taking proactive steps to address compliance issues, cooperate fully with HMRC, and seek expert guidance and representation. By treating a CIS investigation with the gravity it deserves and responding appropriately, individuals and businesses can mitigate risks, minimise potential consequences, and navigate the investigative process with greater confidence and control.

Common Pitfalls by Clients

Common pitfalls that individuals and businesses may encounter during CIS investigations include:

  • Incorrect verification of subcontractors leading to compliance issues
  • Failure to maintain accurate payment records or subcontractor details
  • Misinterpretation of CIS regulations and reporting inaccuracies
  • Lack of documentation to support CIS deductions or payments

General Outcomes

Positive outcomes of a CIS investigation may include:

  • Validation of accurate CIS compliance and reporting
  • Enhanced record-keeping practices and better internal controls
  • Minimal financial impact from resolved discrepancies

Negative outcomes could involve:

  • Financial penalties, fines, and additional tax liabilities
  • Reputational harm affecting business reputation
  • Extended investigations causing operational disruptions

Why Having the Right Approach from the Start Makes a Difference

Adopting the right approach from the beginning of a CIS investigation is essential to:

  • Demonstrate cooperation and transparency with HMRC
  • Mitigate risks and potential financial penalties
  • Ensure a streamlined investigation process for efficiency

Working with Everest and Co Accountants

At Everest and Co Accountants, we offer expert representation during CIS investigations by HMRC. Whether you prefer to retain your current accountants or transition to our full accounting services, we provide strategic guidance, seamless collaboration, and proactive measures tailored to your needs.

Partner with Everest and Co Accountants to navigate CIS investigations effectively, safeguard your compliance, and secure your financial well-being. Contact us today for a free initial consultancy and take proactive steps towards resolving CIS-related challenges with confidence and expertise.